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I’ve been involved in construction for over 25 years. I started working for my father’s construction company at 13. My mother was a real estate agent which gave me an unique appreciation for real estate.  I am passionate about the real estate business and it gets me out into different places, meeting new people, every day, and every inspection is a brand new mini adventure. I'm good at it, and it took me a years to develop the knowledge and skills to do this job well.

I founded Ballinger Home Inspection Services largely in response to my awareness that home inspectors, by and large, have not embraced best practices and too often can be known to create more problems. (At the worst possible time.)

Over the course of many years, I have studied the ways in which other home inspectors have gone about their business. It soon became apparent to me there were much better ways our entire industry could and should perform. As it has turned out, the way I approach the home inspection profession is based on one simple question that I asked myself when I chose to make this my life’s work.

If I was a homebuyer or anyone involved in the transaction, how would I like to be treated? After all, they're relying on the performance and integrity of my inspection and ability to communicate my findings.

As you’re well aware, the process of buying a home is packed with excitement and anxiety for buyers, sellers, real estate agents and lenders, alike. When any real estate transaction is close to being closed, that last thing that anyone wants is an avoidable hiccup in the home inspection process because of poor communications, lack of due diligence or unresponsive service – especially when closing dates are fast approaching.

Are you aware that most home inspectors ask their clients not to attend the inspection?

Even worse, sometimes inspection reports are sent to prospective buyers without even so much as a verbal summary or explanation. Unfortunately, in the absence of this additional explanation and opportunity to ask questions, buyers are unnecessarily scared away from their potential dream home. What appears on paper to be a catastrophic defect in the report often turns out to be one that can be easily repaired or mitigated once a further review and discussion takes place.

Here’s how I’m committed to do just that:

  • Unlike the many other inspectors, I strongly encourage my clients to attend their inspections. This way, I can effectively communicate my findings in real time in a show-and-tell manner that provides additional context and meaning to the final written report. All to make each buyer make an informed purchase decision regarding what’s likely to be the largest investment in his or her life.

  • When a defect is identified in the inspection, I take the time to explain the severity and potential consequences of the problem. Just as importantly, I’ll explain in detail typical repairs and remediation strategies so buyers can make informed decisions regarding the property with their agents and legal counsel.

  • I am committed to make every inspection as thorough as humanly and technologically possible. For example, unlike many inspectors, I make it a standard practice to never conduct a roof inspection through binoculars from the ground. Too much can be missed. Instead, I invariably perform a roof-level inspection either by walking the roof or using my high-resolution drone to inspect every inch. 

  • I appreciate and respect the real estate agent’s struggle to orchestrate all of the moving pieces of the transaction, only to have many inspectors exacerbate the challenge when time is of the essence by taking a week or
    longer to deliver the final inspection report. By contrast, Ballinger Home Services offers a good-faith commitment to deliver reports on the same day of inspection. That's our "Same Day Guarantee".

  • The housing market and housing equipment/design are in a constant state of change. As a result, the staff at Ballinger Home Services endeavor to stay up-to-date through enrollment in new certification courses, licensing and industry-related seminars.

  • Home buyers can also expect to receive an email soliciting feedback regarding our company’s performance and responsiveness as part of our continual improvement initiative. We always request raw, unfettered feedback so we can continually work towards making the inspection process more perfect.

The value of relationships.

It’s safe to say that most home inspectors remain virtual strangers with their clients, satisfied to have minimal personal contact. At Ballinger Home Services, our highly personal approach is designed to build trust and provide our clients with the peace of mind of knowing we have their best interests at heart. We've become friends with many of our clients, and the greatest compliment is a personal referral to their friends and family.

A teachable moment.

Whether this is your first home-buying experience or one of many, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to participate in your own home inspection designed to increase your knowledge of your property’s infrastructure. We always strive to make it fun, interesting, educational and to bring you with us through the entire process. One key to this is verbal narration of the inspection process, and taking time to answer questions.

As founder of Ballinger Home Services, I want you to know these aren't just words. I invite you to read my Google reviews that will help confirm much of what you have just read here.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Zachary Ballinger, CPI

Education/Licensing Credentials

  • OH License #2021004311

  • OH WDI/Termite #115284

  • InterNachi (Certified Professional Inspector)

  • BSBM Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Hondros College (Home Inspection, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Agent)

  • Purdue University Project Management Professional Certification

  • ICA (Inspection Cerification Associates) Graduate

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