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WDI inspections inspect for exactly what you may think, wood destroying insects. A WDI inspection evaluates a home’s health in terms of destructive pests, such as termites. This is why you often hear WDI inspections referred to as termite inspections. However, termites aren’t the only wood destroying insect. Other problematic pests include carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-boring beetles.

 A WDI inspection will let you know if your home has visible evidence of wood-destroying insects. During the inspection, we will assess all accessible parts of your home for any indication of wood-destroying insects. We will inspect for damage from insects, as well as any live and dead insects. If the we finds signs of infestation, the WDI report will tell you exactly what the evidence is. The report will also note any recommendations for treatment, if necessary.

WDI / Termite Inspection: Buying
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